[FIREARM REVIEW] Glock 19 Gen3 Review for Concealed Carry

I never thought I would become a Glock fanatic.  My experience with Firearms was limited to a Ruger P95.  What a bulky (but well made) firearm that was!  My biggest pet peeve about the Ruger was the sheer bulk- protruding outward from its holster. Weight and blowback from firing it also made it unfavorable as an everyday carry firearm.

It was only after I finally realized that my body was not made for that type that I started thinking about a Glock. For me, my first memories of a Glock come from a Sheriff’s deputy 20+ years ago. Being a good friend, he wanted to show me how safe and rugged they were by slamming his firearm onto the concrete floor with a round chambered just to prove that even without an external safety it would not fire when dropped (do not try this at home!). I knew right then and there that Glocks were something special. But at that time, they were mainly for Law enforcement or Military use. Who would’ve thought that many years later, I would possess my very own.

I purchased my Glock right after the terrible Sandy Hook massacre and at the height of the Firearms acquisition craze. I knew that I wanted to sell my Ruger and look for something that was dependable and more easily concealed, so I went to the local Gun shop/Pawn Shop who was an authorized Glock dealer. My family had just received our tax return and I was ready to buy! I had previously discussed with my wife the importance of comfortable conceal-ability and she agreed with me that a Glock was a great choice.


The Glock 19 Generation 3 to me is the best representation of the four 19 models that Glock introduced to the public starting in 1982. It seems that Gens 1 and 2 were the test subjects to see how it would be received and then after processing their sales data and public reviews-produced the finest in Austrian arms to date. The Glock 19 Gen 3 is a polymer firearm with a low slide profile that helps with muzzle rise which in turn helps during rapid fire target acquisition. It is that ease of use and the internal safeties which has made it so popular to concealed carriers like myself.

After purchase, I quickly ordered a holster as I wanted the finest to help me conceal my new pride and joy. Daily carry is not a problem with the correct holster and this firearm’s weight of almost 30 ounces. I will admit that I was a little scared strapping on a firearm with a bullet chambered and no visible safety on which to depend. But when you study Glock’s “Safe Action” system, you can learn to rely on it with piece of mind.

About BaldMando

A Tennessee native with wife, child and a strong desire to protect them no matter what. I am fairly new to the Gun Culture and have been Conceal Carrying since 2012.