Empire state politicians gauge gun registration deadlines come and gone and enforcement of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s landmark gun control law they say is unconstitutional and may cost him re-election.

“New Yorkers are blind to how many people registered their ‘assault weapons’ by the April 15 deadline,” said William R. “Bill” Nojay (R.-Pittsford)  state assemblyman representing parts of Monroe and Steuben County and all of Livingston County in Western, New York.

The state police are refusing to issue any registration numbers citing confidentiality provisions in the SAFE Act, however those provisions were meant to protect the people not shield the state government from withholding information, he said.

“We understood that the aggregate data of people who registered would be released,” he said. “It’s the governor’s position that even the aggregate number is protected by statute and he won’t release them.”

The number that seems to have resonated with other politicians and industry commentators is less than 10% registration rates, but he said that those numbers are not reliable. “If someone gave me a different number I would not challenge them on it because the bottom line is we don’t know.”

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