Thornton Colorado Police arrest legal Gun Owner carrying his firearm in movie theater following the Aurora CO Shooting, paid $25,000 by City

Roughly a week after the theater shooting during The Dark Knight movie, an armed citizen in Thornton, Colorado was arrested for carrying his firearm with him into a movie theater across town from where the massacre took place.

The man, Jim Mapes, showed officers his concealed carry permit but was still arrested. We should note that at the time, he was open carrying his firearm (which is completely legal in CO). The DA later dropped the charges, but Mapes was still not satisfied with this decision. He sued the department and was recently offered $25,000 from the city as a settlement, however the police would not admit any wrongdoing.

By the way, Mapes was watching The Dark Knight in the same theater he was arrested, at the exact same time of the Aurora Shooting in a theater across town. He was armed then, too.

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