[HOLSTER REVIEW] Critical Response Tactical (CRT) LoPro IWB Holster


I’m happy that I didn’t pass up the opportunity to review this holster because in all honesty, I almost did. Here’s why I’m glad I didn’t.

If you carry concealed, you are well aware of the hundreds of options out there to secure your firearm safely and comfortably. The system that Critical Response Tactical came up with is pretty simple and pretty effective.

First, let’s start with the specs from their website:

The CRT LoPro IWB (Inside the waistband) holster is designed for the dedicated Concealed Carry user. This holster is built minimal enough to carry concealed for extended periods of time while still being comfortable. The durable Kydex makes it easy for the user to re-holster their weapon instead of folding in like other leather or nylon IWB holsters.


-Made from .080 Kydex

-Fully adjustable retention

-Injection molded clips for easy On/Off

-100% Handmade in the USA


Remember in the beginning when I said that I almost passed on this? Well, that’s because it doesn’t really look all that comfortable. I am used to a hybrid leather/kydex holster with that smooth leather against my skin. This just looked…uncomfortable. I swear though, it’s not. It’s surprisingly comfortable while doing everyday tasks. Even sitting in the car for a lengthy ride was a pleasant surprise.

Adjustments & Retention

The holster comes with a screw (or set, depending on the model firearm) that allows you to adjust the holster’s retention. I found that it was pretty near perfect the way it was sent to me. A few twists one way or another will loosen or tighten a nice grommet in between the two pieces of kydex. From the manufacturer, the holster gives off a nice ‘click’ once the firearm is holstered. My G26 felt very secure at all times. It was enough retention to keep it holstered, and also allowed to draw with ease, without pulling my pants up along with everything else.


See that? We got a mag holder as well. *smiles*

If you want a holster that will allow you to adjust the cant, this may not be the holster for you. You can’t adjust the cant. The angle and height it sits is what you get. While this would be a deal breaker for me normally, I am very happy with the ride height and cant that they chose to make standard.

Do I need to adjust every time I stand up?

This was my main concern. Since the holster doesn’t have two clips to keep things where they should be, I was worried that it would ‘twist’ on it’s own while I was sitting down. Over the 4 1/2 weeks of testing this holster out, I found a very similar need to adjust just as I would with my regular leather/kydex holster.

In regards to adjusting, I will say this; get yourself a nice thick gun belt. It will fill up the space nicely when the clip is snapped over it. This will minimize the movement of the holster while you’re sitting.


Not a surprise, it concealed my G26 very nicely by keeping it close to my body and not adding a whole lot of bulk. There is a slight chance that it conceals it better than my other holsters, but I’m not a scientist and couldn’t say for certain. It just felt like that at times.


CRT offers numerous colors to choose from and are expanding their list of firearms that they make their holsters for. They also offer some very nice magazine holsters that compliment their IWB holster nicely.


From $45, I feel that it’s a good price for the quality and craftsmanship that you will receive when purchasing this holster.


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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.