Some Missouri school districts are training teachers to carry concealed in the classroom

School districts in Missouri are hiring a company called Shield Solutions, which employs instructors will police backgrounds to train teachers on the proper use of handguns. The schools choose two teachers (the identities only known to school district administrators and local law enforcement) to train for 40 hours with a Glock 19 at a range.

“Like air marshals on planes,” Martin (owner of Shield Solutions) told the newspaper. “How many hijackings have we had since 9/11?”

So far, ten school districts in Missouri have signed up for this training (with more on the way). One of the districts said that this was their response to the Sandy Hook shooting and is why they chose to go this route.

Obviously, there are those who are against bringing firearms into schools. Our response to that is simple. You can either properly train and arm faculty so that they are able to meet a threat with force, or you can continue to allow your children to be sitting ducks.

H/T Fox News

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