Armed Carjackers Sought In Philadelphia After They Killed Three Children

A reward has reached $110,000 for the capture of two armed criminals.

Two carjackers in Philadelphia are being sought by police after they lost control of the vehicle they stole and plowed into a family selling fruit on the corner to raise money for their church, killing three siblings. The children, aged 7, 10 and 15, were killed instantly by the impact. The mother of the children was also hit and is in very serious condition at the hospital.

The two suspects fled on foot after crashing the stolen car Friday morning at a North Philadelphia intersection. They had first carjacked a real estate agent at gunpoint and later forced her into the back seat of her SUV, authorities said.

SUSPECT #1: Described as a black male wearing a white t-shirt

SUSPECT #2: Described as a Hispanic male wearing a white t-shirt

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