Rolling Stone releases one of the worst articles ever with their list of “Most Dangerous Guns”

Rolling Stone is trying to turn guns into the bad guy just like most other journalists in popular media. Here is their exact heading for the article:


They, like so many others, are missing the point entirely. These firearms are not ‘causing the most harm’, the people behind the firearms are the ones causing the harm. I’ve left my firearm alone all day before and it never killed anyone.

This is what they came up with for their list, in order of ‘Dangerousness’:

#1: Pistols

image01Screengrab via Rolling Stone

#2: Revolversimage02

Screengrab via Rolling Stone

#3: Riflesimage03

Screengrab via Rolling Stone

#4: Shotgunsimage04

Screengrab via Rolling Stone

#5: Derringersimage05

Screengrab via Rolling Stone

There you have it, folks. Rolling Stone tells you what is more dangerous than the other when it comes to firearms. But wait, let’s check out some of the top comments that people are leaving on the article:


Screengrab via Rolling Stone


Screengrab via Rolling Stone


Screengrab via Rolling Stone


Screengrab via Rolling Stone


Screengrab via Rolling Stone

Ahh, faith restored!

Thank you, kind citizens of We-Don’t-Buy-Your-Horrible-Journalism-Ville, for understanding the ridiculousness of this article. Please feel free to share this post with your friends so that they may also share in it’s humor and stupidity.

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