[VIDEO] Armed Security Guard Stops Attempted Armed Robbery, Finds Out That Criminals Don’t Like Guns Pulled On Them

I know that some of my article titles are sarcastic, but I just wanted to point out this fact for anyone that is still on the fence about armed citizens deterring crime.

A store in Georgia was the victim of numerous robberies and decided to hire a security guard. Soon after, a man tried to rob the store again. This time though, he didn’t even make it inside the building.

Security guard Joseph Watkins was there watching the man approach. As soon as he was close to the door, Watkins saw a pistol in his hand and drew his in a split second. The bad guy fired toward Watkins and luckily missed him. Watkins did not get a shot off because his safety was on.

Watkins was inside the store, near the entrance. It was July 2, at about 8:30 p.m. Through the big, plate-glass windows, Watkins saw a man outside, approaching the entrance, wearing a hoodie and a “scream” mask.

“And then I looked down and saw the gun” in the man’s right hand, and the man was raising it as he opened the glass door.

Watkins reacted instinctively, drawing his own gun on the man, and the man reacted with apparent surprise that someone was defending the store with a gun.

Watch the surveillance video below and you can see just how little time Watkins had to react to the situation. It’s a scary thing to think of, but sometimes all you have is a split second to react.

[H/T Guns Save Lives]

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