[VIDEO] Employees robbed at gunpoint, what would you have done?

LiveLeak.com brings us a video of two store employees being robbed at gunpoint. As far as story details go, we don’t have much information except for a short summary that accompanies the video:

I was working the closing shift when two men came in and held myself and another employee up at gun point. No one was hurt.

We’ll assume that these two robbers got away, and we know that the employees got out unharmed. However, this isn’t always the case. Over at The Truth About Guns, they point out that not every armed robbery has a ‘happy ending’.

What would you have done?

So, let’s use this opportunity to use this as an educational tool. We have a nice video with some clear views of the crime in progress. With this information, we’d like you to make a rational decision as to when, if ever, you would have drawn your firearm on the robbers based on the video below. Leave your answers in the Facebook comments section below and be sure to include the video time at which you’d draw and why you chose that time.

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