CCW IN ACTION: Dairy Queen Employee Shoots And Kills Robbery Suspect In Albuquerque

An employee at a Dairy Queen in ALBUQUERQUE, NM fired his concealed carry firearm at a robber last night, killing him.

The robber was shot and killed while attempting to rob the fast food location. Around 6pm last night, the robber approached the window with a gun and demanded money from the employee. Obliging the request, the employee gave the robber cash from the register, but the robber refused to leave. It was at this point that another employee took matters into his own hands by drawing a firearm of his own and shooting the robber.

The robber was taken to the hospital where he later died of his injuries.

Police say that the concealed carrier will likely not be facing any charges. They were investigating whether the firearm used by the employee was legally owned.

No employees or patrons of Dairy Queen were injured during the attempted robbery.

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