Robber Needs A New Hobby After A 72-Year-Old Woman Gained Control Of His Gun And Turned The Tables

I’ll file this under ‘LOL Of The Day’. A 20-year-old man decided to walk into Orlando’s Food Market this past Wednesday and tried to make a quick buck by robbing a 72-year-old woman. Little did the robber know that he was messing with one tough lady.

“She’s one tough cookie,” Says the Police Chief.

The man, Alexander “Auchki” Bomba, walked into the market and pointed a pistol in the woman’s face while demanding that she give him cash. She didn’t like his idea and instead decided to get into a scuffle with the robber, during which she was able to gain control of his pistol and turn the tables by letting him stare down the barrel.

Stunned by the turn of events, he high-tails it out of there and is caught by police less than an hour later. It was also learned that the man called in a fake assault to police in order to create a diversion during his robbery.

The Police Chief knew the woman from a similar event 18 years ago where a different man tried to rob her. In that case, just as this one, she was able to fend off the would-be robber and send him packing.

The young man who attempted the robbery (and failed miserably) was charged with robbery a felony, and criminal possession of a weapon and falsely reporting an incident, both misdemeanors.

While what she did was very risky, I praise her for her actions.

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