Home Intruder To Homeowner: If You Let Me Go, I’ll Mow Your Lawn; Also, See The Importance Of A Backup Gun

This story is incredible. This story is amusing. This story shares life lessons.

Let’s begin with the situation. A man woke up early one morning to use the bathroom. When he did so, he heard someone moving around inside his home. After retrieving his firearm, he goes to investigate the noise and comes across 25-year-old Bryan Remley going through his belongings.

The homeowner, Joseph Cihak, says that once Remley saw him, he started running in his direction. With no other choice, Cihak fired two rounds at Remley but missed him both times. Worse yet, Cihak’s firearm jammed. But wait, he had another! While he went to retreive his backup firearm, Remley was trying to escape through the kitchen.

He didn’t make it out.

Upon Cihak’s return with his other firearm, he holds Remley at gunpoint in the kitchen until police arrive. As a last minute plea, Remley offers up something to see if Cihak’s would let him go:

Remley asked Cihak to let him go, saying he would come back and mow the lawn.

As you’ve guessed, Cihak turned down his offer. Remley was arrested for armed burglary (he was in possession of a knife), violation of probation, and he had an outstanding warrant from Seminole County.

Now, let’s get to the backup gun part of this story. We’ve touched on the importance of having a backup gun in the case of self-defense, with the point being that you’re likely to have it taken away if you ever use it in self-defense until the investigation is complete.

In this case however, the homeowners backup gun came in handy when his primary firearm failed after the second round. Had he not had access to his second firearm, the intruder could have gone after him with his knife.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Having a backup firearm is an important step in firearm ownership and safety.

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