Two Students in Custody After Gun Fired in Texas Middle School

Well here is a school shooting you probably won’t hear about. That’s most likely because thankfully no one was hurt. A San Antonio middle school was on lock-down Wednesday morning after shots were fired in a classroom.

Leslie Price, the district spokeswoman, said that the investigation is continuing. The two San Antonio Independent Middle School students in custody are a 12-year-old boy and a 14-year-old boy. Evidently, the .22 caliber handgun was brought in by the 14-year-old, but he had asked the 12-year-old to hold onto it for him. Reports have not stated where the 14-year-old boy originally obtained the handgun from.

Police said that the gun was discharged at about 11:00 Wednesday morning when the student placed his bag on top of a desk. It was later confirmed that the handgun was actually loaded with blanks, not bullets.  Following the gunshots, the school went on lock-down for a period of time, but students were served lunch and later parents were able to pick up their kids from the school.

Prince told reporters that none of the schools in this district have metal detectors and they are going to look into policies to improve security. This was an interesting comment from Prince about a certain policy pertaining to backpacks:

“We don’t have a broad, district-wide policy on mesh or see-through backpacks. We will be looking at that policy.”

The two boys were taken into custody and brought to Bexar County Juvenile.  They have both been charged with possession of a firearm on a school campus.

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