7-Eleven Likes Defenseless Employees, According To Their List Of Do’s And Don’ts In Case Of Robbery

It’s no secret that the 7-Eleven chain has been on the NRA’s list of “anti-gun” companies, and it’s also no secret that the name 7-Eleven and armed robberies go hand-in-hand. What may be somewhat of a secret — and a little surprising — are the recommendations that 7-Eleven gives their employees on their “Violence Prevention Procedures In Case of Robbery” flyer that is hung in their bathroom.

This image was sent in to us by follower Jason, and was taken in an employee bathroom at a Philadelphia-area 7-Eleven. These ‘training posters’ seem to be made by a company called Northwest Enterprises and based on their website, seem to be rather generic. As in, multiple businesses are likely to use the same information on the posters. Their slogan on their website seems to be “The Crime Prevention Products You Have Been Looking For”.

ScreenHunter_94 Oct. 30 16.52Photo courtesy of www.nwent.com/nwent.htm

I’m not quite sure how these signs prevent crime, but they seem to think that they do. Personally, I think that Buds Gun Shop has a much better selection of crime prevention products.

Here is their list of Do’s and Don’ts:


Some of these points are valid, such as calling the police after the robbery and not arguing with the robber. I can stand behind those. Some of them however just seem like a really bad idea, especially verses carrying a firearm to protect yourself.

The DO’s

Let’s take a few moments to dissect a few of these one by one, starting with the “DO” list.


“Here is the money from the register, Mr. Robber. Thanks so much for shopping at 7-Eleven. Come again soon!”

Ok, that was a bit sarcastic. Making a robber ‘feel at home’ is a strange concept for me to grasp and while I understand the desire to get the robbery over as soon as possible, an easy robbery is likely to make them want to commit another robbery in the future. “Damn, that was easy! Looks like I found a new job!”


Cooperate with the robber. This is generally a good idea, whether you’re carrying a firearm or not. If you are cooperating, you can maintain the element of surprise — if you’re carrying. If you are a sitting duck, then continue to cooperate and just hope that he doesn’t shoot you. It happens, you know. Some robbers also double as cold-blooded killers. That link two sentences ago is from a recent armed robbery at a KFC location.


This is ok, because we don’t want to provoke them, but I have an even better way to surprise the robber, and it’s with my Glock 27. I’m not saying that to be cocky or feel that I’m capable of taking down anyone in any situation, but it seems like a much better option to me if I am facing a man with a firearm who may do harm to me. Most robbers are clumsy and very nervous during a robbery. They will, in nearly every case, provide chances for the ‘victims’ to make their moves.

Or you can just be an all-out bad a$$ like this guy:

I can never watch that video enough. It just gets better and better.

The DON’Ts

Moving on, we’ll just take a look at one of 7-Eleven’s DON’Ts on the list, because it’s my personal favorite.


We already know that 7-Eleven has a ‘no weapons’ policy in their stores. This includes both employees and customers, it would seem. Personally, I am in the clear and will not be breaking their policy if I enter with my firearm, simply because it’s not a weapon. No, I’m not splitting hairs. When a firearm is classified as a weapon in the civilian sense of the word, it’s used by criminals. When a firearm is classified as a tool, it is used by law-abiding citizens are a preventative measure.

Moving on with this same image, we see 7-Eleven mention that “Weapons breed violence”. Going back to the previous paragraph, if they are referring to criminals, then I am in agreement. If they are referring to an employee carrying a firearm — which they are — then I have to disagree. The only violent person involved with a robbery, is the robber him (or her) self. A person defending themselves with a firearm is in no way preaching violence when they introduce that firearm into the equation. They are attempting to prevent violence from occurring or continuing.

The last bullet point for this section says that “The robber’s weapon is already one too many.” But, you know, if the robber is going to do something illegal, we don’t want you to do something legal by bringing your self-defense firearm into the mix. Let’s just allow him to maintain his advantage over everyone in the store and hope that no one gets injured or killed.

Frequent 7-Eleven Robberies Across The Country

If anyone thinks that some criminals don’t do a little research before they go rob a place, you are mistaken. Many of them are well aware of company policies when it comes to firearms and concealed carry. It’s the same reason why many mass shooters pick gun free zones to commit their crimes; they don’t want to be met with resistance.

If you head over to Google News and search for “7-Eleven Robbery”, it comes up with thousands of articles. Here are just a few articles from this month alone that show armed robberies at various 7-Eleven locations:

14-year-old arrested for 7-Eleven armed robbery

Gunmen sought in 7-Eleven robbery

7-Eleven robbed at gunpoint

7-Eleven robbed

7-Eleven robbed at knife point

7-Eleven robbed at gunpoint

7-Eleven robbed at gunpoint

7-Eleven robbed at knife point

Three teens arrested for armed robbery of 7-Eleven

Man held on bail in 7-Eleven robberies

Suspect wanted in 7-Eleven robbery

Armed robbery at 7-Eleven

7-Eleven employee stabbed during robbery

That’s 13 different occasions, and I wasn’t even trying.

If that isn’t enough for the company to change their policies, I’m not sure what is. I’d love to challenge 7-Eleven to hang signs up at their doors, just for a month, that say something to the effect of “Our Employees May Or May Not Be Carrying Firearms To Defend Themselves” and see what happens to the rate of robberies.

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