House Alarm Doesn’t Stop Burglar In TX, Homeowner Shoots Him To Get The Point Across

A burglar continued his attempt at breaking into a home even after the house alarm was going off. The alarm woke up the homeowner, who immediately grabbed his handgun and went to investigate.

He found the burglar trying to break into his back door and then confronted and caught the man. The two got into a fight and the homeowner was hit in the head repeatedly, presumably with a large screwdriver that was found at the scene.

After being assaulted, the homeowner fired at the burglar and struck him in the leg. When police arrived, they found both on the ground outside of the home.

The burglar remains in the hospital where he is expected to stay until his bullet wound is treated, and the homeowner was treated and released.

If this were your home, would you have chased after the intruder or would you have let him get away? Consider the following: During the fight between intruder and homeowner, the homeowner was struck multiple times on the head before he fired at the intruder. What if he had been knocked out? What if the intruder had gained control over the homeowner’s firearm?

How do you think you would have handled this situation?

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