[VIDEO] Cab Driver Robbed At Gunpoint Caught On Camera; DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier Take Note

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This video, while from Florida, was ironically released just days after DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier makes a statement saying that cab drivers should not carry firearms while they have a passenger. Sorry Lanier, here is video proof that demonstrates just how dangerous this job can be, and a perfect example of why cab drivers should be allowed to defend themselves.

In the middle of September, a call was made to a cab company for a ride. The cab driver picked up a woman and dropped her off at her requested location when a man entered the picture with a handgun and robbed the driver.

The end result was a robbed cab driver and a thug who got away.

Some would argue that, had the cab driver drawn a firearm of his own, he may have been shot. My response to that is simple; if I were the cab driver, I would have wanted the opportunity to have a fighting chance against the robber. There was nothing to stop the robber from pulling the trigger, and it definitely wouldn’t be the first time a victim was killed just for the heck of it.

This serves as a dark reminder of how helpless people can be when they don’t have the opportunity to fight back against thugs such as this. They have the upper hand and they know it. Turning the tables proves time and time again that, when faced with force, thugs will run and hide.

Gun grabbers take note. Your restrictions against the law-abiding only help the criminals.

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