Ohio Man Defends Himself With Gun After Being Attacked With Power Drills And Screw-Embedded Wood

A Warren, Ohio man is lucky to be alive after a scary home invasion. The man, Benjamin Talanca, was home by himself when three people came in to rob him. The men were armed with power drills and pieces of wood with screws in them.

It happened on Saturday night, and left one of the intruders dead. According to WYTV.com, an 18-year-old man identified as Trent Hall lost his life after Talanca fired shots at the trio of intruders.

“They are attacking me with fists and power drills and bits of wood with screws in them. As soon as they get through the door. I mean, a split second. I didn’t have time to react,” he said. “All I am doing is getting hit in the head and I am bleeding all over the place. I can see my blood running down my face.”

Luckily, Talanca was able to fight his way free from the assault and retrieve his firearm. At that time, he began firing at the intruders.

“And when I got up I started firing. Period. And he was in my way.”

It is not known whether Talanca was carrying the firearm on him, but he’s lucky that he was able to get away to retrieve it. The intruders were apparently looking to do as much harm to Talanca as they could. Both the police and Talanca believe that this attack was targeted, as Talanca knew at least one of his attackers.

Police say that they do know the other two men involved, but have not yet arrested them.

Whatever the back story is to this incident, we aren’t aware of it. We are, however, certain that the firearm saved his life. This is another case that highlights the importance of being ready to defend yourself at home, and is why we promote carrying your firearm even while at home.

As the saying goes, 100% of home invasions happen inside the home.

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