Stupid Gun Owner Of The Day: Hunter Shoots At Moving Deer That Wasn’t Alive, Hits Another Hunter Instead. Confused?

This is one of those stories that makes you wonder. A hunter in New York was out looking for deer Saturday morning then he finally found one; although he may need a new pair of glasses, training and some common sense.

The hunter ended up shooting at a dead deer that was being carted out of the woods by another hunter. That’s right, the hunter that actually shot the deer was hauling his kill out of the woods on a cart when he himself and his dead deer came under fire.

The hunter who was shot was taken to the hospital for treatment of two gunshot wounds; one in the hand and another in the buttocks. The dead deer was not injured during the 2nd attempt on it’s life.

At anytime that you’re using a firearm, it is your responsibility to know exactly what your target is and what’s beyond it. There is no excuse for this negligence.

It is recommended that hunters wear blaze orange while hunting. It is not known if either hunter was doing so.

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