[VIDEO] You Could Carry Your Own Firearm; Or Depending On How Stupid The Robber Is, Just Take His

Disregard the article title. You should definitely still carry your own firearm.

The criminal in this story is…well, let’s just say if he had another brain, it’d be lonely. Dumber than a box of hair. If dumb were dirt, he’d cover an acre. He likely eats soup with a fork.

Police in North Carolina are searching for an armed robber a previously armed robber that was lucky to get away after the tables were turned when he tried to hold up an internet cafe.

According to wsoctv.com, the man walked into South Main Internet Café in Salisbury on Thursday night armed with a gun. He pointed it at the teller and demanded money, while telling everyone else in the building to get on the floor. The teller was so shaken by the event that she accidentally dropped the drawer on the floor, sending money everywhere. She leaned over to start picking up the money to give to the robber and when she stood back up, noticed that the robber wasn’t in sight. She did, however, notice that he left his handgun on the counter. Turns out, he had set it down so that he could begin stuffing his pants with money. Priorities.

That’s when the teller made the decision to grab the gun and fire at the robber.

The teller missed her target, but it was enough to send the man running out of there faster than he came in. He was caught on surveillance video and police are hoping that someone can help identify him.

No one in the cafe was injured.

It seems that internet cafe’s aren’t the best places to try and rob. Many of you will remember the video below from a Florida internet cafe where a senior citizen takes matters into his own hands after a pair of armed men come in to rob the place. The senior citizen, carrying a concealed firearm, successfully ended the robbery and sent the thugs straight out the door.

And that’s how you do things.

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