Woman Outside Of White House With Holstered Gun Was Protesting Immigration Decision

Last night, a 23-year-old woman was detained and ultimately arrested for carrying a handgun openly and in front of the White House. When we reported on this yesterday, it was unclear what her motives were. Today, we have a little more insight into the situation.

According to CBS Local, April Lenhart, from the Flint-area in Michigan, was participating in a protest against the President’s speech on immigration last night. During the protest, Lenhart was openly carrying a holstered handgun on her waist.

“Secret Service noticed she had a gun in a holster attached to her hip,” said WWJ Legal Analyst Charlie Langton. “She was taken in for questioning and arrested when it was found out that she did not have a license to carry that firearm.”

I’m not quite sure how to respond to the Secret Services’ thought process regarding that statement, as we know that it’s currently illegal to carry a firearm in DC. Well, technically it’s not if you have a DC carry permit, but those are impossible to get at the moment. However, open carry is definitely not a legal thing to do.

Lenhart is now facing several charges, including possession of an unregistered firearm and unregistered ammunition. Yep, unregistered ammunition. It’s a real thing.

Larry Survance is the pastor of Lenhart, and says that he is baffled by the entire ordeal.

“All I can say is that at church, she’s a wonderful young lady,” he said. “I’m totally baffled by the whole situation.”

Even outside of church, she may indeed still be a wonderful young lady. Sometimes, unjust laws are broken to prove a point, and this may be exactly what we’re seeing here.

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