AMMO RECALL: G2 Research R.I.P. 45ACP Ammunition Could Cause “Excessive Chamber Pressure” In Glocks. Translation: Your Glock Could Blow Up

Certain lots of G2 Research’s 45ACP R.I.P. Ammunition have been recalled, but only if you use it in Glock 45ACP models. It’s a little strange I guess but nonetheless, the company is erring on the side of caution and allowing purchasers to receive replacement ammunition. All of the recall details can be found in the below image.

From their Facebook post explaining the recall:

We have received some comments that the current issue 45 RIP is not compatible with Glock and its unsupported chambers. Due to this, we have revised our design to solve this issue. If you have a Glock .45, please call 678-533-2033 Ext 4 or email us through our website for a free replacement of your ammo. Check the inside of your .45 RIP box for a date. Do not use July- Nov through a Glock. This does not affect any other caliber or handgun.


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