Thug In FL Pistol Whips 75-Year-Old Walmart Cashier During Attempted Robbery

Sometimes, I wish these thugs were smart enough to know how to use a computer so that they could possibly stumble on one of my articles that describes just how disgusting they are. They’re at the bottom of the barrel and have no place in society.

A 75-year-old Walmart employee was about to help who he thought was his next customer, until that customer pulled out a gun and demanded the money from the register. As the employee was struggling to get the drawer open, the robber apparently became impatient and pistol-whipped the employee, knocking him to the ground.

The thug then turned to another cashier, this time a 50-year-old woman, and demanded money from her drawer. Yet again, the drawer didn’t open as quickly as the thug would have liked, so he hit the woman in the head a few times with his pistol.

He ended up leaving empty handed.

Both employees were taken to the hospital with lacerations to their heads and are expected to make full recoveries.

The suspect is described as a black male, 50-60 years old, 5’7 – 5’9 with a medium build, clean shaven, and with pock parks on the skin of his face. He was wearing a blue hoodie over a black baseball cap, jean shorts with light-colored piping on the pockets, white socks and boots with possibly a blue rim on the top.

Hopefully this guy is caught. He’s just lucky that no armed citizens were in the store as well. News reports do mention that he first waited until the store was clear of other customers. Part of this strategy could be the fact that he knows over 1.28 Million Florida concealed carry permits have been issued.

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