Homeowner Takes Matters Into His Own Hands, Suspect Held At Gunpoint. One More Reason Why I Carry

MCDOWELL COUNTY, N.C.– John Painter received a call Monday afternoon from a concerned neighbor, alerting him to a suspicious car in his driveway.  Mr Painter returned home and found his door had been pried open. He retrieved a handgun and took matters into his own hands.

Soon after, he had the intruder face down at gunpoint and called 911. Deputies say it’s not the type of call they get everyday. Painter said he would do it again, however it’s something he never wanted to do.

Because of Mr Painters actions, Joel Mcminn, 35, has been charged with felony breaking and entering, as well as a misdemeanor.

Of course the Mcdowell County Sheriff’s Office cautions against taking matters into your hands. They recommend getting away and calling 911.

Richelle Bailey, Public Information Officer for the Mcdowell County Sheriff’s Office had this to say:

“If not they should always just go away, go back to their car, go to a neighbor’s house, whatever, call 911, and let us deal with it,”

Bailey went on to say that the number of concealed carry permits are on the rise and home invaders should think twice. Deputies did acknowledge that if you choose to detain a suspect, you’re well within your rights to do so.

Bravo Mr Painter for your actions! Caught in the act and held at gun point. However, he had to to retrieve his handgun and it was never mentioned that he had a security system. Other than a very alert neighbor.

Personally, I always have my carry gun with me and my security system is always armed. Whether I’m home or away, it’s live.

So, what would you do in this situation?

Think about it for a second: You get a call from a neighbor about a suspicious car in your driveway. You arrive to find the door has been pried open. There are an unknown number of people in your house…