Instagram User taprackblonde Had Something Interesting Happen To Some Brass

Instagram user taprackblonde is someone I have been following for a little while now, and I noticed an interesting picture that she posted just a few days ago. The guesses are flying around as to what exactly happened to this piece of brass, but my best guess is this; The firearm was out of battery and the primer was somehow still struck. Since the round was not fully seated, the pressure expanded the back portion as shown.

The account owner, Chrissy, replied to my email which asked for a little more information. Here is what we have to go on:

“I know it wasn’t the ammo. But a left hand shooter was operating the carbine at the time, and it was right handed. He could have accidentally hit the mag release? It happened so quickly I wasn’t sure what actually happened.”

What’s your best guess?

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