[VIDEO] Dad Of The Year: College Student Glad Her Dad Gave Her A Gun When She Went Off To School

I don’t have a daughter but if I did, I’d want her to be protected when I wasn’t around. That’s exactly the thinking of Sable Nehme’s father before she went off to school at the University of Central Florida. He gave her a revolver to bring with her, just in case.

Turns out, that decision was an excellent one that ended up saving her life, as well as the life of her boyfriend.

As we reported a few days ago, two black males entered the couple’s off-campus apartment and put a gun to the boyfriend’s head. While this was happening, Nehme was in the bedroom retrieving the loaded revolver.

I’m so thankful that I had that gun in my room. I don’t know what would have happened,” said Nehme.

Soon after, one of the men broke down the bedroom door and came face-to-face with the young woman and her revolver pointed directly at him. As you can imagine, the thug took off with his thug buddy and dropped their firearm in the process. It turns out that they were using a pellet gun and not a real firearm. Still, it’s more than enough to warrant a self-defense shooting.

In this case, however, the two men got away and are still being sought by police.

I say to Nehme’s father, Bravo Sir. You know the meaning of preparedness, and your daughter is grateful for your approach to making sure she remains safe.

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