Burglars In Detroit Attempt Early Morning Break-in, Met With Armed Resident

DETROIT, MI — Just before 4am Monday morning, two suspects were attempting to break into a home, but were met with an armed resident that had other plans.

Investigators say two suspects were breaking into a home on University Place near Chandler Park and Cadieux just before four o’clock Monday morning when the 29-year old woman in the home with her brother fired shots.

One of the suspects fired back. One person was injured during the exchange of gunfire, but it is unclear whether it was a resident of the home or one of the suspects. This story is still developing.

A neighbor, Eric, spoke with reporters and had this to say about the incident:

“Man, you gotta protect yourself now-a-days, you all get a CCW – get one, cuz these guys out here they are not playing. Coming in your house – and it’s right for you to protect yourself – it’s hard to protect yourself out here, it’s either going to be you or them.”

You said it, Eric.

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