Man Ruins Plans For A Pair Of Home Invaders By Being Alert And Armed

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS — An Arkansas man went over to his elderly neighbor’s home after he saw two men enter that shouldn’t have been there. His neighbor, a wheelchair-bound friend of 36 years, could have been in trouble and he wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to get hurt or killed by the intruders.

That man, Charles Dorsey, grabbed his gun and entered his neighbors home. He found the intruders and held the them at gun point as they were trying to steal items. Dorsey told his sister to call 911 while he kept the two there until police arrived. At some point, Dorsey says that he felt threatened and fired a shot at one of the suspects, hitting him in the arm.

The two men face charges of theft and burglary. The condition of the suspect who was shot is not immediately known. Dorsey will not be charged with anything.

We have seen neighbors getting involved in home invasions in the past, often times when they know their neighbors are out of town. However in this case, Dorsey was unsure whether his neighbor was home and didn’t want to take a chance that she could be injured or killed by the intruders.

If my neighbors were away, I’d stay in my home and call 911 to report the invasion. If I were Dorsey in this particular situation though, I would have done the same thing in order to protect my elderly neighbor and friend.

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