When Target Shooting Goes Wrong Because Of Negligence: Worker Shot From A Half Mile Away

Backstop, backstop, backstop. Safety, safety, safety. You are responsible for every single bullet that comes out of your barrel. Do I really need to say anything else?

A teen was out in his yard target shooting with a .22 rifle, and did not have anything behind the targets that he was shooting. In other words, the bullets kept going for quite the distance.

In a blueberry field about a half mile away, a worker was shot in the leg. Around the same time, other workers were ducking for cover after seeing other bullets hit the ground. They thought they were being targeted by a gunman, but little did they know it was a horrible case of negligence.

A nearby school was placed in lock-down after reports of gunshots in the area.

The responding officers labeled it an accident, but you and I both know that accidents with this type of thing don’t happen… it’s negligence. Again, each and every time you fire a gun, the resting place of that bullet is your responsibility.

The teen was taken into custody, since someone was stuck by a bullet. The .22 rifle used, as well as other firearms, were confiscated from the home. There is no telling when they’ll get them back, but it serves as a tough lesson for the teen to behave more responsibly when handling firearms. This could have turned out much worse than it did.

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