Home Invasion Caught On Surveillance System, Homeowner Buys Gun After Realizing Cameras Won’t Deter Criminals

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA — While a home surveillance system is a great tool to help deter crime and make your home safer, it’s never going to stop every criminal looking to break in. One homeowner found this out the hard way after a criminal broke into her home while she was there. The whole incident was caught on 16 different cameras.

The incident happened Tuesday night, and the homeowner awoke to a noise outside of her home. She reached for her phone which has an app connected to her surveillance cameras. Once opened, she saw a man trying to break into her home. Then, as he makes it inside, she watches helplessly on her phone while hiding in a closet for over 10 minutes while the man went through her belongings.

After breaking in, the house alarm went off, but was of no deterrence to the criminal. He continues to casually walk through the home.

While on the phone with 911, the homeowner was whispering to tell the operator what was happening. Then, she hears the intruder try to open the door to her bedroom. Out of options, she runs up to the door before he opens it and begins banging on it as hard as she can and starts yelling; “Get out of here, the police are coming. They’re going to shoot you.”

Police arrived to the home 14 minutes after the call to 911 was made. Had this criminal not taken off when confronted, this story could have ended much differently. That’s an eternity when waiting for help.

What does the homeowner take away from this scary incident?

She immediately bought a gun.

Despite having 16 surveillance cameras, she has has since put in new locks and bought a gun to protect herself. But she can’t shake knowing the person who so brazenly burst into her home in the middle of the night is still out there.

Good for her. It’s unfortunate that it took an experience like this for her to make the change, but now she is better protected in case something like this were to happen again.

Now, get out to a range with your new firearm and practice.

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