George Zimmerman Injured In “Road Rage” Shooting In Florida

George Zimmerman, the 31-year-old acquitted of murder charges back in 2012 for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, is making headlines again after he was apparently involved in a ‘road rage’ incident in Florida. He is said to have suffered minor injuries as a result of this shooting.

A bullet hole could be seen in Zimmerman’s passenger side window, and it is reported that he had suffered a minor wound to the face.

Police say the shooting may be a result of an “ongoing dispute” between the two men.

Since the incident in 2012 which made national headlines, Zimmerman hasn’t been a stranger to other problems.

He was arrested in January after being accused of throwing a wine bottle at his girlfriend, and charges were later dropped.

In 2013, he was arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at a different girlfriend, and charges were later dropped in that incident as well.

In another incident, he was accused of threatening to kill a man in a road rage incident.

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