Man Faces Charges After Bringing Concealed Firearm To Tampa Bay Lightning Game

TAMPA, FLORIDA — A man is facing misdemeanor charges after bringing his concealed firearm into a Tampa Bay Lightning game on Wednesday, but how did anyone even know he was carrying?

Easy: Because he dropped the firearm in the bathroom.

Lucas Cassidy, 27, dropped the gun while in a bathroom inside the Arena, and a witness to the drop notified the police. When confronted by a police officer, he told her he had the gun in his pocket.

Police say that Cassidy wasn’t properly checked at the entrance by security.

With that, he faces misdemeanor charges of bringing a firearm to a sporting event. Had he not had his concealed carry permit, he’d be facing felony charges.

If Cassidy plans to go to another playoff game, which he should have the opportunity to do since the Lightning hold a commanding 3-0 lead in the series over the Canadians, he should probably leave his firearm at home. I know, 2nd Amendment, but laws are laws and we should abide by them while focusing our attention on new legislation to remove them.

Because they’re ridiculous.

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