Question: Do You Worry About Printing?

Over at, forum user MPaulHolmes brought up the topic of printing. Is it bad? Should I worry about it? Are people going to notice? These are extremely common question that comes up on a very regular basis. Here is his post:

I live in Arizona, where it’s pretty hot. I just got a Glock 19 with a holster that goes inside my pants, and connects to the belt. I noticed that the bulge of the handle is a little bit noticeable when I wear t-shirts. I wear t-shirts a lot since it’s so hot here. I haven’t started carrying yet, and I was wondering if people could share their experiences of how others react if it’s slightly noticeable that a person is carrying. I don’t want to make people feel worried, and I also don’t want to die of heat stroke.

Here are some of my personal favorite responses to the topic:

Mike1956You will likely hear an entire spectrum of opinions, from “Don’t worry about it” to “My God, man, you are looking to get yourself killed!!!”. Several factors go into effective concealment (or lack thereof), and you need to decide how important it is to you.

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TX expatIt’s going to boil down to what is important to you as well as the laws that you’ll be subject to. You’ll get a whole range of opinions on the subject but you’ll just have to come to your own conclusions about printing and decide for yourself.

For myself, I don’t care too much about a little printing but there are times when I really don’t want to have someone notice. Since I can’t really prepare for ‘places’ that I might be going, and I like to keep things as uncomplicated as possible, my rule is generally G26 when I’m wearing only a t-shirt and G19 the rest of the time.

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So what’s the answer? Well, the two responses above are pretty on-par. It comes down to two things: Laws, and how important it is to you.

Do you, personally, worry about your firearm printing while out and about?

Maybe this guy below can explain a little better.

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