Texas House Passes Campus Carry, Now Onto Governor Abbott For Final Approval

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Campus carry will likely be coming to the state of Texas, as the House passed Bill 11, which will allow concealed carry of handguns on public universities in Texas, by a vote of 101-47-1 just before midnight Tuesday.

The bill states that a licensed holder may carry a concealed weapon on both public and private campuses, and bars public institutions from creating rules or regulations contradicting the bill. In addition, the bill exempts the state and colleges from liability of any action made by a concealed handgun license holder on college campuses.

The bill makes allowances for public institutions to regulate the storage of weapons in campus dormitories or other residential facilities. It allows for private institutions to create rules or regulations preventing concealed weapons on campuses. Weapons would still not be allowed in hospitals or any non-postsecondary schools located on college campuses, the bill states.

The bill now goes to Governor Gregg Abbott for final approval.

Police and campus administrators are starting to prepare for the potential changes, and it’s unclear if any colleges will challenge any of the legislation if passed.

Since Colorado passed legislation permitting handguns on college campuses in 2003, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Kansas, Wisconsin, Arkansas and Mississippi have all passed similar laws.

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