When Guns Explode: 8 Guns That Had Their Lives Ended Catastrophically

Republished with permission from American Girls with Guns americangg.net

There’s never a good time to have a catastrophic gun failure.

Check out these disasters below and always remember to check your barrel and if you reload by hand, please do so carefully.


A shooter trying out a “hot load” tore up this revolver. (photo by Hayabusa)


Springfield Armory Model 1911 is out of commission. (photo by Photobucket)


This collection of wood and metal scraps was once a rifle, until it met a faulty German military surplus cartridge. (photo by The Gun Zone)


What used to be a Colt Anaconda was mutilated by a bad hand-reloaded .44 Magnum cartridge. (photo by Glock Forum)


Faulty hand-reloaded ammo was also the culprit of this Glock Model 21 .45 ACP’s demise. (photo by Photobucket)


A double charged cartridge had it in for this Weatherby. (photo by The Firing Line)


This Ruger LCR was done in by factory ammunition during a firearms training class. (photo by The Firearm Blog)


In case you couldn’t tell, this disaster was once a shotgun finished off by double powder charge or barrel obstruction(photo by Upland Journal)

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