11 People Shot In Detroit Yesterday; Crickets From Gun Control Advocates, Because It’s Only Detroit

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — In two separate incidents, 11 people were shot in Detroit on Saturday, 10 of which were at the same location for a block party.

Of the 11 shot, one person died from their injuries. Asst. Chief Steve Dolunt said that it was a miracle no children were shot during the incident at the block party.

He said there was no excuse for shooting when kids were present. There were little kids and strollers, he said. “It’s a party,” he said.

No offense, but there’s never any excuse to shoot 10 people.

‘Tis the life in Detroit, and it’s a damn shame.

But where are the gun control advocates doing their advocating for the folks of Detroit? Surely this falls under their definition of gun violence. After all, 10 people were shot at a single location.

While the country focuses on the church shooting in SC, which is no doubt a tragedy of it’s own, the ones who are supposedly fighting for the lives of everyone across the country fall short when it comes to places plagued with violence, like Detroit.

And the agenda continues.

What Happens When A Society Cannot Protect Its Own?

Once upon a time, Detroit and many parts of Michigan were hubs of economic opportunity.  A lot of blue collar, living wage jobs existed due to the automotive industries based out of there.  When those jobs left, Detroit was left in an unsustainable lurch.

Whereas in previous times, we had copper mining towns that were “here today, gone tomorrow” or agricultural hubs that dried up due to the depression, Detroit is an example of what happens when a major metropolis loses its commercial and industrial base.  And in the absence of it, people struggle to make an honest living in a city that struggles to financially support basic services.

There seems to be some hope as Detroit rises back out of bankruptcy, but in the meantime, law abiding citizens are caught in the cross hairs of rampant crime and a degraded situation.

When we’re facing mass shootings occurring in residential areas, it’s no longer a question of the viability of more law enforcement.

What we truly need are citizens willing and able to take the safety of themselves, their families, and their property into their own hands.  If criminals aren’t afraid to launch all out assaults on a neighborhood block party, then they obviously haven’t been greeted by enough armed resistance.  Let’s change that.

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