Another Irresponsible Gun Owner Making Us All Look Bad, Family Member Edition

I stumbled upon a forum post that was left by a concerned family member. He or she’s brother carries concealed, and they had no idea. That’s not the problem, though. The problem began when their brother did something irresponsible.

Here is the original post:

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So I’m over at my parents’ house tonight and my brother is here. I was showing my dad a video on their computer (it was on Facebook) of the kittens in my garage. My brother walks up and says “I have the solution for that” and pulls out his pistol and pretends to shoot the screen. Then he shows us that he has 6 bullets and there are 5 kittens and the mother so that’s perfect.

I don’t care about the cat threat. What I care about is that there are typically 3 kids at my parents house – my son and nieces. My son will be here in an hour.

I had no idea that my brother carried a gun. And he said he he it with him always. Even inside my parents’ house. They live in a nice area. There is no danger inside their house. And my parents know he has it.

I lost it. I used the F word on him about 10 times. He will be leaving when my son gets here because he is mad. And my dad is mad about the F word.

Is his a common thing? To carry a gun around kids and in a house that has no danger? And to whip it out to show it off?

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Irresponsible gun owner? You betcha. Making us all look bad? Maybe not, but it certainly doesn’t help when stories like this pop up. It is, however, important to talk about them. You and I know that the vast majority of gun owners are responsible, but others don’t.

The very first response to this post is against concealed carry and comes from user raindancer. The reason cited; irresponsible gun owners:

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I hate concealed carry. And it freaks me out. I know a guy who has a permit and he is one of those people who is always “joking” like that, but I have also seen his temper. He is scary.

I would be really nervous to go on a trip with someone who had a gun and messed around that way with it.

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Then, some light is shed on the situation, and it comes from another forum member, eats_crayons, who happens to carry concealed on a regular basis:

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My husband and I both carry concealed, even at home. 100% of home invasions happen at home ;)

That said, your brother is an idiot. No responsibly armed citizen would ever…EVER pull their weapon unless s/he intended to eliminate a threat. Carrying is not a joke, not something to brag about. In fact, nearly nobody knows that either of us carries. Hence the “concealed” part. Your brother broke every one of the four rules of carrying a weapon. You have ever right to be mad and to think that he’s dangerois and unfit to carry a weapon, because he is.

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^^This pretty much nails it on the head. Whether the original poster believes in concealed carry or not, that person needs to see first hand that gun owners are responsible. What happened instead is likely to keep them on the side against firearms and carrying firearms, and that’s a damn shame.

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