LETTER: Response! “Club Was Wrong To Host Utah Gun Permit Class”

A couple days ago, I was taking a look at this. . . which was a letter to the editor showing disgust after a sportsman’s club hosted a Utah concealed carry permit course. How dare them, right? Here’s the whole letter:

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On April 23, I resigned my membership in the Pine Belt Sportsman’s Club in Shamong. I had been a member for nearly 30 years and my resignation was not a joyous event. The reason for my resignation is the decision of the club to host a class that would entitle those attending to receive a permit to carry a concealed firearm issued by the state of Utah.

I do not understand why a sportsmen’s club, presumably serving hunters and target shooters, would become involved in concealed carrying of guns in nearby communities. In particular, I cannot support this initiative, which would be in effect an end run around the laws of New Jersey regarding carriage of concealed firearms.

I do not believe that any good comes from citizens being armed, and we hear almost daily of the harm that can result.

Stephen J. McGeady

Cherry Hill

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Well, someone chimed in and spoke up for folks like us.

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Re: “Club was wrong to host Utah gun-permit class” (Letters, June 5)

Are you kidding me? You hear almost daily of the harm legal gun owners do and no good comes from an armed citizen.

I read and hear daily of criminals doing harm and a rare story of law-abiding citizens doing harm.

A woman was stabbed in Berlin. That could have been prevented with legal gun ownership. The list goes on. Try researching the crimes thwarted by legal gun owners.

You’re spewing words that are downright false. People like you are just the type of target criminals love. Let’s arm the criminals and the rest walk around like sitting ducks.

James Cristinzio


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Aaaah, balance is again restored.

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