NYC VIP: Wedding Negligent Discharge Man Gets A Free Pass… Again

By Robert Farago via

I’m from Rhode Island. Let me tell you: there’s always a story behind the story. If you dig deep enough, facts emerge that cast doubt upon the journalist’s original take, as the “real story” emerges. For example, we’re still waiting for a full accounting of the Texas biker “massacre.” How many bikers did the cops kill? Also, what really happened at the Waldorf hotel after a gun owner “accidentally” discharged his .380 pocket pistol, injuring four guests? In fact, what happened before the incident? I’d like to know . . .

how Vladimir Gotlibovsky got a concealed carry permit in a city where carry permits are as rare as hen’s teeth. The New York Post reports that

Vladimir had a carry permit that allowed him to bring the gun to residences and businesses and carried it for protection because he owns a liquor shop in The Bronx, law-enforcement sources said.

How did a Bronx liquor store owner get a concealed carry permit – for a .45 caliber GLOCK as well as his .380 pocket pistol – when Fox News journalist John Stossel could not? What’s the bet there’s more than a hint of corruption attached to this case? Check this out from a more recent Post story. . .

Two brothers who were arrested in a shooting at the Waldorf Astoria hotel over the weekend caught a lucky break Sunday.

Vladimir Gotlibovsky, 42, and his brother Felix, 51, were arrested by police when Vladimir accidentally shot off a round during a fancy wedding party at the Park Avenue hotel and their family snuck the gun back to Brooklyn, authorities said.

But the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office later said it would be “deferring” prosecution on the raps, at least for now.

“Prosecution of this case is deferred while the investigation continues into the circumstances surrounding the discharge of the firearm and its removal from the scene,” said spokesman Patrick Muncie.

“The person believed to have discharged the weapon has a permit authorizing him to possess and carry it.”

What are the odds a “normal” concealed carrier would get this kind of prosecutorial break despite the fact that Gotlibovsky and his brother and his mother conspired to hide the weapon from police? Especially considering that this is not the first time Gotlibovsky’s negligent discharge was ignored. Here’s the latest Post dispatch:

The wedding guest who accidentally shot a woman in the Waldorf Astoria put a bullet in his own foot on Christmas Eve in another klutzy move with a gun, sources told The Post on Monday.

Not-so-sharp shooter Vladimir Gotlibovsky, 42, thought a car was following him as he was driving to make a bank deposit for his liquor business, so he pulled over and took out his .380-caliber automatic from his pants pocket, sources said.

When the car drove off, he tried to put the gun back in his pants and it went off.

Cops seized that gun, as well as Gotlibovsky’s .45-caliber Glock, although he got his gun license back in March, sources said.

I don’t believe ANY of this. Why didn’t Plaxico Burress merit the same treatment? My only guess: Gotlibovsky is an informant. Or a man connected to some VERY important people through his pals back in the, back in the, back in the U.S.S.R. What’s your take?

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