Armed Man Disguised As Cop Shot Dead With His Own Gun By Homeowner During Home Invasion Attempt

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA — An armed home intruder, disguised as a police officer, was shot and killed with his own gun by the homeowner.

We first reported on this story earlier in the week, coupled with a nearly identical story that happened nearly 600 miles away at the same time. Now, new details have emerged.

The suspect, identified as 34-year-old Jamil A. Salahuddin, attempted the break-in last Sunday with the help of an accomplice who is still at large.

A man and a woman told police that two men in police uniforms walked up and pointed guns at them just before midnight Sunday as they returned home in the Borough of Steelton, a small town just south of Harrisburg, Dauphin County Press Secretary Amy Richards Harinath told The News Journal.

Steelton Police Chief John King told reporters the gunmen forced the couple into the house and bound their hands with plastic ties, but the man freed himself, went after Salahuddin and got his gun, Harinath said.

In the process, he was shot in the arm and leg, according to Hetrick’s account, but he managed to fire an undisclosed number of rounds at Salahuddin, hitting him repeatedly in the body and twice in the head.

In the end, Salahuddin was shot and killed with the very gun he intended to do harm to others with.

Married and a father, Salahuddin was remembered by family as a man who was a great father, husband, son and barber.

But Salahuddin had his fair share of trouble in his life as well. Court records show that he had racked up 10 arrests and 9 convictions, the latest of which he had a September court date on a group of felony charges, including drug dealing, receiving a stolen firearm and other gun offenses.

I can only hope that the homeowner takes the extra steps to arm himself in the future, so that he doesn’t require the bad guy’s gun to take out the bad guy.

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