Grand Jury Reviewing Guy Who Got Shot After Threatening To Force Ex-Wife To Leave With Him

HANCOCK COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI — Glenn Grannan, chief investigator of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, says a grand jury will be reviewing the case of a man who was shot in an exchange of gunfire after he refused to leave his ex-wife alone.

The incident stemmed from a complicated and half-told story of man who approached his ex-wife living with her girlfriend.  According to the Sun Herald‘s account of the county sheriff’s investigation, the man reportedly told the ex-wife she needed to leave and come with him.  When she refused, an argument broke out and he left – threatening, “he was coming back to take care of everybody,” Grannan said.

Well, the girlfriend got her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend to stand watch over the place in case the man returned.  And he did.  He sat in his truck outside their trailer and allegedly exchanged some rather terse words with the men standing outside.  It was when he stepped out of the truck with his pistol drawn that an exchange of gunfire took place.

Both the girlfriend’s boyfriend and friend were unharmed but the man was shot twice.  His injuries were considered non-life threatening.

Now the incident is under formal investigation to determine if criminal charges will be brought up.  As it stands, the county sheriff told the Sun Herald that he believed the two men who defended the trailer acted sufficiently in self-defense while the man who allegedly attacked them, “…he’s lucky he’s not dead.”

No formal word yet on what a grand jury will decide in this case – however the ex-wife has remained away from the man for this duration.

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