[VIDEO] Brian Fletcher Speaks With Ginny Simone From NRA News About His Upcoming Fight With New Jersey

A few weeks ago, we broke the story about a North Carolina man venturing to New Jersey on assignment to assist with disaster relief, only to be arrested for possession of a handgun.

That man, Brian Fletcher, sat down with Ginny Simone from NRA News to discuss what happened, and what the future may hold.

We call on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to watch the attached video and make the right decision. An honest man’s future, and his family’s future, hang in the balance.

“Pretty much the only thing he did wrong is he owned a gun and had it in New Jersey,” said Brad Fletcher of his brother. As co-owner of a company that repairs cell towers, Brian Fletcher and his crews were responding to an emergency call that sent them to New Jersey where half a million people were without power due to a storm. But in an instant, Brian went from helping people to getting a crash course in “Jersey justice.”

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