[VIDEO] Reporter & Cameraman Shot Live On Air In Moneta, Virginia — The Battlefield Is Everywhere *WARNING: GRAPHIC*

Warning – Video is graphic in nature and depicts an event that is presently under investigation.

MONETA, VIRGINIA — Authorities are still trying to confirm and a manhunt is underway as it is currently believed a former disgruntled employee of WDBJ7 is responsible for the shooting deaths of WDBJ7 cameraman Adam Ward, 27, and Allison Parker, 24, during a live interview with the executive director of the Chamber of Commerce, Vicki Gardner.

As of CNN’s report earlier this morning, authorities are conducting a cross-county manhunt for the suspect who is believed to be traveling along I-64E.

“We do not know the motive. We do not know who the killer is,” Marks said. “We do know the Franklin County sheriff … they are working very diligently to track down both the motive and the person responsible for this terrible crime against two fine journalists,” he said during the station’s coverage of the shooting.

“You know, you send people into war zones, you send people into dangerous situations and into riots, and you worry that they are going to get hurt. You send somebody out to do a story on tourism and — how can you expect something like this to happen?” WDBJ General Manager Jeff Marks told CNN.

Both Parker and Ward had their respective fiancées at the station watching as the event unfolded live.  Ward was expected to get out of news altogether and pursue another career while Parker was just hitting her stride as a reporter.

Gardner was also reported to be shot but was evacuated to a nearby medical center where she is undergoing surgery.  Details about her condition are forthcoming.

We will be covering this story as details emerge.

UPDATE 1 (12:00 PM EST): Suspect has been identified.  VA State Police believe at this time that he has taken his own life after a very comprehensive all-hands pursuit by law enforcement.

UPDATE 2 (12:11 PM EST): Suspect is confirmed to be dead by self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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