WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC – VA Gunman Uploads Video Of Shooting From His Perspective, Lingered Before Pulling Trigger


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Breaking news came out of VA this morning when a reporter and cameraman were shot and killed on live TV. Now, the gunman uploaded a video of his own from his perspective as the shooting occurred.

We are posting this as a debate platform, and to learn from this absolutely horrendous crime from one sick individual.

As you can see from the video, the gunman held his firearm in clear view for upwards of 20 seconds. No one in the area saw it until it was too late. This is a sad reminder of how important situational awareness is, and how we must be on guard at all times.

We will be adding to this space momentarily. Please check back.

UPDATE (11:57 AM): VA State Police are presently confirming whether or not the coward in question has shot himself.  If he has – it was the best use of a bullet all day.

UPDATE 2 (12:10 PM): Confirmed.  Shooter died from self-inflicted gunshot wound.

UPDATE 3 (12:19 PM):  Video from shooter’s perspective is down.  Awaiting word as to whether we will attempt to recover and post from a different source.

UPDATE 4 (01:07 PM):  Video from shooter’s perspective is being hosted on Ebaumsworld and is embedded above.

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