After Court Victory, FSU And USF Fans With Permits Can Take Firearms To Games… But No Further Than The Parking Lot

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — In a recent court victory headed by the group Florida Carry, fans (with concealed carry permits) that went to Saturday’s FSU game were able to bring their firearms… but had to keep them locked inside their vehicle.

It’s a step in the right direction, but still so far away from the end goal.

But that’s not good enough, said Florida Carry Inc., the group that’s suing the school. It maintained that all legal gun owners, permitted or not, should be able to lock their guns in cars on campus all the time, whether they’re there for sports events, classes or visiting.

FSU maintains a strict policy of not allowing firearms on campus, but started to allow firearms inside vehicles after a lawsuit filed two years ago against the University of North Florida. In that lawsuit, Florida Carry was able to have the ban on firearms in locked vehicles overturned.

“While we fully intend to continue complying with Florida law, I nevertheless reiterate my strenuous opposition to the recent initiatives to permit the carrying of guns on university campuses. I do not believe that arming students increases campus safety,” President John Thrasher said in an email.

Florida Carry executive director Sean Caranna said he planned to follow through with the lawsuit, saying the university’s statement doesn’t address student codes and because legal gun owners without permits should also be able to keep guns locked in cars.

“This is wholly insufficient,” Caranna said. “Their attorneys I’m sure are very good, but they are not experts in firearms law.”

This surly isn’t the end of this fight, and we are glad to see that Florida Carry isn’t backing down.

And as a side note, no incidents were reported after fans were able to bring firearms into the parking lot. Hmm… turns out they’re responsible after all.

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