[CCW IN ACTION] Armed Citizen Holds Suspected Kidnapper At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

MOSES LAKE, WASHINGTON — A suspected kidnapper was held at gunpoint after a terrifying ordeal on Thursday.

25-year-old Jaclyn I. Salas is accused of kidnapping another woman, and then driving fast into oncoming traffic in a bid to kill them both.

The victim allegedly said she got into the SUV voluntarily then Salas drove off fast and ran several red lights. When the victim tried to get out of the vehicle several times, Salas would allegedly speed up.

At some point, the 34-year-old victim was able to jump out of the vehicle and immediately began screaming and alerting others as to what had happened.

At that point, a nearby citizen who happened to be carrying a firearm, held Salas at gunpoint until police arrived to sort everything out.

Police arrested Salas and charged her with kidnapping in the first degree, assault, malicious mischief and a court order violation.

It’s anyone’s guess as to what would have happened if the armed citizen hadn’t stepped in, but it likely wouldn’t have been good. Salas seemed very determined in her actions, and luckily she wasn’t able to continue on her devastating path that day.

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