Question: If You Saw An Officer Being Beaten/Assaulted, Would You Step In With Your Firearm?

This very good question comes in from a reader, Lance, and we wanted to share it with everyone to get your thoughts on the topic.

Let’s say you’re walking around downtown and happen upon, say, two people who were attacking a police officer. The officer, for the purposes of this discussion, seems to be unable to defend himself at the time.

As a concealed carrier, do you step in to try and help?

I was asked this by a coworker the other day and didn’t really have a good answer. Q- if you were out somewhere and saw a LEO being jumped and beaten would you intervene? I said that the laws don’t favor civilians intervening. Also told him that I really wasn’t sure what I would do in that situation. With all that’s going on right now I felt this would be a good topic for discussion.

While it’s definitely not an everyday occurrence, it has happened before (although I can’t find the link right now). So, what would you do?

So many variables, but IMO, it’s all about saving another human being. Them being a police officer isn’t factored into the equation. If I saw anyone being brutally assaulted, I’d step in if able. I’m sure they’d be glad you were there.

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