Baseball Fan Shot While Leaving Gun Free Stadium AFTER Complying With Robbers, No One Is Around To Protect Him

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI — A 43-year-old man was leaving a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium with his girlfriend Saturday when the couple were robbed at gunpoint.

They complied, and were shot at while trying to run away after handing over their valuables. One of the bullets struck the 43-year-old, Christopher Sanna, in the back.

The bullet damaged Sanna’s spinal cord and it is unlikely he will ever be able to walk again.

“They said it was shattered, and no surgery could repair it,” said his mother, Candis Sanna. “They said he could eventually get a little feeling back, but there was no hope for him to walk. It’s horrible.”

This incident is a sad reminder of how compliance with an armed robber can still have devastating consequences.

“They turned to run away, but they didn’t make it very far,” Candis Sanna said. “As soon as they gave them the stuff, they were going to try to run away, but he shot them. They were within arm’s reach.”

Busch Stadium is a designated Gun Free Zone, as per their website:


Firearms or weapons of any kind are not permitted in Busch Stadium.

With this policy, a concealed carrier would need to leave his or her firearm inside their vehicle. This is a multi-layered problem in the following ways:

1) The firearm can be stolen from the unattended vehicle
2) The person is not able to use their firearm to protect themselves

With this incident, police in St. Louis are vowing to ramp up their presence during the games, although we all know they can’t be everywhere.

The Mayor also stated that the police force would be granted ‘unlimited overtime’ to provide the extra coverage, but it still doesn’t help those who park further away. Sanna, for instance, parked at the Old Cathedral parking lot. As you see from the map below, it’s a few blocks from the stadium.

ScreenHunter_140 Oct. 01 11.00

“You think you’re safe after a Cardinals game, and you’d think there are police down there and you wouldn’t have to worry,” [Candis Sanna] said. “But there were no police there. I don’t know why. You get past Fourth Street and there was nobody around.”

Family members have set up a fundraiser for Christopher and as of this writing, have raised nearly $90,000. If you’d like to contribute, you may do so here.

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