Charges Filed Against Woman Who Opened Fire On Fleeing Shoplifting Suspects In Home Depot Parking Lot

A 46-year-old Michigan woman will face charges after she discharged her firearm in a Home Depot parking lot last week while trying to stop a shoplifter from getting away in an awaiting vehicle.

The woman and concealed carry permit holder, Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez, faces one count of reckless use, handling or discharge of a firearm.

In our article on the incident “Armed Citizen Opens Fire On Home Depot Shoplifter; You’re Doing It Wrong“, it seems that Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper is doing it right.

Cooper noted that the suspects weren’t threatening nearby shoppers and that the bullet(s) could have struck unintended targets.

And with that, we deem Duva-Rodriguez an irresponsible gun owner. Again.

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