DANGEROUS DOG: Man Shoots And Kills Dog During Attack, What Would You Have Done?

In another recent dog attack to hit the news, a man with a concealed carry permit came to the rescue after witnessing the carnage Sunday evening. After exhausting all other options, the decision was jointly made between gun owner and both dog owners to use lethal force.

[Capt. Todd] Freeman said the dogs began to attack one another after escaping under a fence. The owner of one of the dogs tried to restrain his dog and pull it free, but the woman’s dog grabbed the man’s arm and began to attack him.

A neighborhood resident and concealed carry permit holder heard cries for help and approached the owners. He offered to help, and both owners agreed.

The man first fired two shots into the ground in hopes of startling the attacking dog, but it was of no use. That’s when the woman, owner of the attacking dog, gave the man permission to shoot her dog because he was still attacking her neighbor.

As the dog still had a strong hold on the neighbor, he was shot and killed.

Freeman told reporters that it’s likely no charges will be filed against the concealed carry permit holder, as he seems to have acted within his rights.

“We’re confident it was consistent with the law and not illegal, and the man acted decisively to end what was a very dangerous situation for everybody present and for the animal that survived.”

As I read the events that unfolded, I cannot imagine the thoughts and panic that were going through everyone’s minds at the time. For the gun owner to fire a shot at the dog –while he was latched onto a person– is a tough call to make. What if he missed? Of course he didn’t and he was likely very close to the action, but it’s something to consider when you offer your services.

One wrong move on your part (the gun owner), and things could get uglier than they were before you got there.

But if action wasn’t taken, the outcome could have been worse as well.

Not long ago, we showed you the gruesome video of a man being attacked in New York City. The video was incredibly violent and difficult to watch. No one in the area was able to offer any type of assistance that stopped the attack.

This case that we see here today shows us clearly that a firearm could have saved the man in New York City from the unnecessary injuries that he sustained during the attack.

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