Group Of Thugs Try To Rob Residence, It Doesn’t Go Well For Them… Because Armed Occupant

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS — A group of four thugs was dwindled down to three after their intended victim pulled out a gun. It was a direct result of their capture, as they were forced to dial 911 after the tables were turned.

Deputies located Mauricio King, 23, at the Shell gas station off Dixon Road near Interstate 530. He was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. King along with Leonard Quinton Braxton, 19, Annamarie Blair, 19, and Antwaun Branscomb, 17 all stated that King was just walking down Arch Street when he was shot.

Upon further investigation, it was learned that they were actually at a residence in hopes of robbing the occupants. It’s funny how these thugs wound up calling 911 because of their injured friend, and now they’re all behind bars to think about their poor choices in life.

Their injured buddy is recovering in the hospital and will be sent straight to jail right after his stay.

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